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Bring Me To Heal (Saint George)

FIlm 9 minutes 29 seconds.

The second of two films from the Bring Me to Heal show.

In the narrative short film Bring Me to Heal (saint George) Amartey turns his attention to Britain’s complex and long standing relationship with violence. As a thought experiment he looks to reconnect with the cultures and experiences of people throughout history and consider the legacy of latent traumas in the England of now.


As the title suggests, the work searches for the point at which the tide of trauma can be steered towards a process of healing and away from further embedding itself in our psyche. For this Golding takes inspiration from Dr. Joy deGruy’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and it’s mapping of the intergenerational cause and effect, alongside the empathetic and embodied approaches to healing of Rastafarian teachings Amartey grew up around.


Bring Me to Heal builds on themes from previous works from the artist such as Chainmail 1, 2 & 3 – which explored the contradictions we hold, both as individuals and within our collective history – or STASiS – which questions whether opposing forces can coexist without having to deny the potency of the other.

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