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Chainmail 2

Film 16 minutes,

Chainmail 2 follows, Darren Gayle.  Darren and Amartey first met on the set of Chainmail 1 a year prior to filming Chainmail 2.


Darren had been homeless for 2 years at the time of the shoot which is the reason for his very thin physique. Darren who is 6ft 2” weighed 62 Kilograms and the chainmail garment he wore throughout the 12 hour shoot weighed 90kg; 28 Kilograms more than his own body weight. Darren works 7 days a week but sends every penny of his money to his children and doesn't have enough left for rent and barely enough for food, but is very proud to be able to provide for his children.


Chainmail 2 is a meditation on ideas of freedom and captivity, sacrifice and self indulgence and the sacredness of suffering. It explores how these ideas manifest within both personal and societal behaviours.

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