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Chainmail 3

Film 18 minutes,

Set in the protective comfort of Amartey’s living room, Chainmail 3 meditates on Amartey's relationship with his brother - an Officer in the British army - and the non-violent and anti-empire philosophies of their Rastafarian upbringing.


Drawing on Amartey’s need to protect his younger brother whilst on his first tour in Afghanistan and the anxiety of not being able to do so, the suit is by far the largest created to date. Weighing 166kg and stuffed with horsehair, it took Amartey and 4 studio staff 5 months to complete.


The suit takes inspiration from Samurai armour acknowledging their attitudes to war and death, and references the 90’s puffer jackets the brothers used to wear as children.


The film, which uses an anonymous protagonist, is reflects on human nature and the point at which the fear of death begins to affect the quality of life and questions how, if at all, this dynamic may be overcome.

Trailer below.

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