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"Art films/articles are typically presented by one person who is considered highly educated, an expert on the subject or both. In my opinion and experience this just compounds the notion that art is for a specific group of people and intimidates many people away from having their own opinions or relationships to art." Amartey Golding


Kritiques, began in 2015 when Amartey became frustrated with the lack of engagement in the discussions surrounding art amongst the general public and the lack diversity in the opinions of the art educated audience. In response Amartey began Filming the "un educated" responses of friends and family to his latest work in the comfort of their own living rooms. The only rule, was to be honest. 

The result was honest, un-PC and candid discussions about art.

Over time friends of friends and eventually complete strangers contributed their responses to the work creating hours of stories and profound insights  from "Un art educated" people hailing from different British communities. 

To this end, Kritiques avoids dictating exactly how the work should be interpreted, even by the artist, instead the themes in the work are introduced by multiple people with contrasting experiences. The anecdotal responses and contrasting conclusions introduce the themes the art explores but leaves space for the audience to make up their own minds about the work.