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Whose Anthem Is It Anyway?

Touring Comedy Show

Whose Anthem Is It Anyway? Is a bold new touring show of comedy and live music that acts as a survey of English people exploring who we are and who we want to be through the creation of a new national anthem for England.

Amartey Invites different English comedians to explore their relationship with England and Englishness and tasks them with creating a new national anthem for England by democratic process with the audience and the house band. 


Englishness is a complex identity with a legacy that leaves many English people confused by and/or ashamed of their country or culture. 

With English pride seemingly monopolised by the rightwing and racist sentiments, this show creates a space to explore Englishness and whether it is possible to cultivate a feeling of healthy and positive English pride whilst acknowledging our reprehensible past.


The project leads with the two English traditions that first gave Amartey pangs of English pride, our Musical and comedic traditions. 

The show will tour the country visiting various English communities and asking them who they are and what they want to communicate about themselves through the creation of new national anthems for England.

The first comedian to take the helm of 'Whose Anthem Is It Anyway' was the hilarious rising star of British comedy, comedian Charlie George who launched the project at Iron works to a sold out Brighton audience. The first show was produced by Lighthouse Brighton.

Photgraphy by XC Photography 

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