Spinner 1 is the first in an ongoing series of spinning sculptures. The piece weighs 126kg with 153,780 chainmail links that have all been wound, cut and fitted together by hand and hung from a single point in the ceiling. At given intervals, the sculpture is spun at increasing speeds until it opens out spanning over 2 meters in diameter.

Spinner 1 was originally intended to be perfectly balanced, however the search for balance proved to be an elusive one. Any slight flaw is invisible to the naked eye; a fractionally smaller link on one side or an extra piece on the other is negligible. The seemingly insignificant imbalances become more and more prevalent once it starts moving, until they throw the entire sculpture off its axis, turning the momentum into a destructive force with potentially serious consequences.

"Each spinning sculpture aims to achieve its own balance, it’s own stability. Some will fail and some will succeed.” - Amartey Golding.