Amartey Golding is a multimedia artist preferring to work with mediums that he is untrained in, the last 3 years seeing Amartey incorporate fashion, Chainmail, Film, and Ballet in to his practice. Often looking at how contradictory ideas coexist within the individual and ideological conflict, Amartey's work is usually self implicating, exploring our individual inability to avoid blame or apology. Born to a Ghanaian father and Scottish mother in 1988, Amartey was raised in London, Cambridge and Ghana by his mother and Jamaican stepfather as a Rastafarian. He started focusing fully on his art at 17 whilst living in the YMCA in Cambridge before completing a Foundation Art degree at Central St Martins. Amartey continued at CSM, completing part of an architecture degree before leaving and moving to Dubai to be the first artist invited on the 18 month residency at Tashkeel residency program. Since being back in Britain, he has had multiple exhibitions in Denmark, Germany and the UK.