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Is It Just Me, Or Is It You?


At a time when otherness, difference, and separation are at the forefront of national conversation, Is it just me, or is it you? is a series a photographs that looks at the dynamics of victimhood, the cultural conceptions of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and the point at which they contradict each other. Referencing music videos, anthropology, documentary and reality television, the exhibition uses Amartey’s own personal experiences of race to question what he sees as humanity’s need to separate.

Functioning throughout the images as prop, costume and metaphor, Golding’s chainmail is the product of intense labour, each chain formed by hand.

The material historically symbolises both life and death; by historically protecting the life of the wearer, it enables them to take the life of another. Chainmail comes to act as double-signifier as a vehicle for exploring brutality and beauty.

White,pink and red flowers
Iron man CR2 Select small
Flower CR2 small
tyrone 2
Dogs, CR2
black plaster
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